A Beginners Guide on How to Perform a Cradle

Cheer stunts Cradle Series can be thrilling and frightening. When done properly the stunt can draw breaths of excitement and amazement from the crowd. However, if each movement or action isn’t done correctly it can be hazardous and frightening.

There are two parts of a team that stunt, the base as well as the flyers. Each member must be aware of and feel comfortable with every step of the procedure. Every stunt should be done on a level surface with the correct spot-spotting.

Beginning from the elevator position…


The bases must be in a shoulder-to-hip width stance facing one another. They must choose the appropriate count series, like one two, down and up, to ensure that they are in sync with timing. This is known as”dip and Pop. The dip and the pop must be performed using leg muscles, not the back or arms. When you are ready to pop, the legs will explode with a powerful upward direction until they reach the point that the toes nearly touch the ground. This isn’t a leaping motion.

The bases’ arms must extend straight upwards and locked in order to help propel the flyer. The bases’ eyes should be fixed to the flying. When the flyer is falling to the ground, the bases must are able to catch her in a absorbing motion. In order to do this, it’s crucial to grab her at the top that is possible in order to slow her landing. The knees of the bases should be bent in tandem with the catch. After a short pause before the bases bring the player back to the standing position until she is able to land on the ground in the middle of them.


A flyer must be comfortable with her base and comfortable with the counting series that begins. Throughout the entire act the flyer needs to remain firm and squeeze all her muscles. When the pop occurs the flyer should push her upper body as she is being lifted from the bases arms. The body should be leaning inwards and not forwards with her back straight and stomach facing up towards the ceiling. The position of the arms is entirely up to the performer, but they must remain locked and tight. Don’t pike during the stunt.

After the toss, once she starts to fall to the ground, the flyer must shift to a V-position and bend her hips, with her legs straight and toes directed. The flyer must maintain her abdominals in a tight position to help support her back. She should make sure to stay on her feet so that they can lift off into a clean, finished position.

Be aware that it is essential for cheerleaders who are engaged in stunting to be wearing appropriate footwear to provide support and to prevent injuries. If you’re looking for shoes for cheerleading it is essential to find fingers grips, heel grooves and a smoother traction in the lower part (flyers Your bases will thank you in the future) and a flexible and comfortable support. A shoe that is recommended for stunting would be that of the Asics Gel-Comp 2. They come with all these features and are an excellent investment due to their durability. If your budget is a bit tighter then the best alternative is the Cheer Asics 5. It’s a comfy shoe for an affordable price, and still maintains high-end.

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