Everything You Needed to Know About Dairy Farms

You wouldn’t be able get milk if there weren’t dairy farms. Although children would be delighted with this idea, animal breeding lands are vital for humans as milk is the primary source of calcium. Many of these farms are family owned, while some are run by the dairy industry. You will find most farms for sale, even though dairy farming is a very profitable industry.

Types of cattle that are bred

Because all cattle breeds produce different amounts and quality of milk, you’ll find that most farms are breeding high-volume dairy cows. These cows are primarily of the Brown Swiss, Holstein and Milking Shorthorn breeds.

How did the dairy farm come to be?

While small-scale dairy farms have been around since ancient times, large-scale ones were only established in the late 1800s. Milking was still done manually in those days. These machines were first used for milking in 1878 with the invention of the automatic suction milk machine. Modern farms use milk that has been pasteurized on-site to make various dairy products.

Dairy Industry Features

The dairy industry is one of the most economically viable farming industries, as the whole land is used to house and feed cows. To feed an animal, crops like alfalfa, corn, and hay are mostly grown on a small portion of the land. You will also find barns and milking stations on the other side of the farm. Farmers ensure that their cows are in the 12-16 month cycle of immunization, pregnancy, lactation, and drying before they become pregnant again. This is essential to make the dairy industry a success.

A few Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions regarding drinking milk and other milk products. Some of these misconceptions include the belief that drinking milk can cause cancer or heart disease. The National Dairy Council works to discredit similar myths. Research has shown that low-fat milk and other dairy products can help prevent certain types of heart disease and cancer.

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