The secrets of a makeup artist’s make-up brushes

Make-up brushes

When I was younger, I used to get my makeup done by a professional (before I became that woman)…the one who had many brushes and a huge make-up bag (or a suitcase as a more accurate description).

I was puzzled at how she knew which brush to use for which area of her face. You can wrap the tape around for years, and you will have your own rules after you’ve done a lot of makeup on a few thousand people.

The makeup brush is essential for applying make-up. A makeup artist has their own set of brushes, just as a decorator would have his paint rollers and a builder his power tools.

Makeup brushes are not just for professionals. To achieve great results, all girls need a set of brushes. Your makeup will glide on much better and lasts longer than sticky fingers!

Sponges absorb too much product, which is why I don’t like them. The foundation is absorbed into the sponge, leaving nothing on the skin. It’s not only a waste, but also very drying to use a sponge to sweep the face.

Use a foundation brush. Everyone who sits in my makeup chair can see the incredible results of foundation applied with a foundationbrush! Many sponge-lovers and foundation brush users have been converted by me! My favorite foundation brush?

My favorite !… foundation brush is the Becca one. You can’t go wrong with Becca foundation brush!

Where are the other makeup brushes? The essential make-up bag must include a large round blusher brush! For a warm bronzed glow, sweep it around the face! To get the first dusty bronzer, rub a small amount on your back or swirl it around your wrist. Then, apply the product to your cheeks and down the nose. Apply the product to your neck, chest and back for all-over colour.

Are you having trouble drawing an eyeline? Grab a flat, angled brush and you can draw your eyeliner straight!

How can you achieve a gorgeous smokey eye? Smoky is all about blending! Get a big, soft-rounded eye shadow blending brush. Estee Lauder makes one, and they call it the Blending brush . You’ll never have to struggle with a smoke again! !

Blend around the eye sockets and let the brush take care of the rest!

What is a lip brush? A lip brush is essential for professional makeup artists. It allows you to apply lipsticks precisely and maintain hygiene. To be truthful! shhhhhh! I’m sure if it’s your lipstick, you’ll apply the lipstick directly! Apply it to your lips and smile ladies! Glosses that come with a brush are good for gloss lovers. This is what I recommend. Glosses = sticky

You should wash your make-up brushes regularly

Use warm soapy water Baby wipes Professional makeup remover is what I prefer. You can clean your brushes and take care of them. This will ensure that your makeup looks great!


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