6 Questions on Whiteboard Animation

You’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of videos called “whiteboard animation” on the Internet.

You already know. These are the ones in which an artist draws text and images quickly to convey the message.

You will find these videos entertaining, and you may be curious about how they are made.

This article will address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding whiteboard animation videos. It will also show that they are much easier to make than you might imagine.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

1. Video: Why use it?

We will start at Square One. Why choose video over other formats if you want to convey a message, whether it is to educate, sell, or entertain?

There are at most three reasons.

First, video is the most immediate, compelling, and accessible medium at the moment. All of us are used to watching films and TV, as well as consuming content through moving images. It is a way to entertain ourselves and it’s a good thing.

This means that people are more likely than with text or images to watch a video through the end than with text alone.

Second, video is a favorite of the Internet. With a willingness not seen in other formats, people will share video content via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. When was the last time you heard of a printed document “going viral”?

Google loves videos. A search for almost any topic will yield a large number of videos. It is well-known that videos rank higher than other content and are more popular than similar content in other formats.

A third advantage is that you can easily adapt a video to present the same information to other formats. To make something that people can hear, you can remove the audio and have it transcribed to be readable.

2. Whiteboard animation videos: Why?

Whiteboard animation videos are simple to explain.

First, the screen is constantly changing to keep viewers interested and engaged.

Second, we grew up watching cartoons. The element of animation is a strong subconscious draw. It brings out the child in us.

They also believe that a picture is worth a thousand phrases. A whiteboard animation can connect viewers with images that are carefully chosen. The fact that these images are moving only enhances the engagement.

Whiteboard animation videos are more effective than any other video format at communicating a message. This is especially true for sales messages.

3. Whiteboard animation videos are a great alternative.

Are you still not convinced? Here’s the final straw.

Whiteboard animation videos can be informative and entertaining, but they’re also much more enjoyable than boring PowerPoint presentations.

What would you prefer to watch? A serious public information film, or an episode on Road Runner that trashes Wile E Coyote yet again?

This is a extreme example, but it illustrates the point. If we have a lot of fun, we will be more prepared to absorb information.

Also, entertainment is a great way to learn.

This is just the beginning. The video maker must be able to easily present complex concepts by breaking it down with simple sketches and text snippets.

4. How can you create whiteboard animation videos

It used to be difficult or expensive to create whiteboard animation not so long ago.

It was not difficult to find a graphic artist to create the text and images you want to use in your video. Then, film them doing it in “real time”.

The next step was to apply some creative technology and editing skills in order to speed up your footage and to make it match the message you wanted to convey.

You would not be able to perform this task if you did not have the necessary expertise.

This was not an inexpensive purchase.

This is why most of the whiteboard animation videos on the Internet were made by big companies with large pockets.

For the rest of us, this has all changed.

Software that automates whiteboard animation creation is available as an ‘off the shelf’ option.

Simply put, select the images and text that you wish to use, and then specify the animation style.

5. What is whiteboard animation software?

First, write down your key points for your video.

Next, you develop your outline into a ‘script’. This will be determined by how detailed you are at ad-libbing.

This step is for videos that do not have voice narration.

Then, you can use your script to create a rough “storyboard”. This will help you decide what type of images or text you want to use in order to illustrate your points.

The software will allow you to edit text, just like a word processor. Select the font, color and other options you wish to use.

Images might be more challenging. You may find all or most of the information you require in the built-in image library.

You can also purchase royalty-free images online from stock image libraries for a few dollars. You can also pay Fiverr.com for custom-made images if you have very specific needs.

Now you can start the software.

You can either record a story in the software, or import an audio file that you have created elsewhere.

It’s then easy to add the images and text you wish to appear to the virtual whiteboard. You can choose the animation effect that you want to use to introduce each text or image, as well as how long it should take.

You will need to adjust your timings if you have a story.

Once you are done, click ‘create video’ to save your work.

You can now upload your whiteboard animation video to YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else you wish.

6. Whiteboard animation: Should it be used?

Yes! Whiteboard animation videos will outperform other videos in all applications.

They are more effective in selling, training, presenting, and entertaining.

Software that automates whiteboard animation is now available at a very reasonable price. This makes it a powerful tool for your online activities.

This is especially true for those who aren’t the best presenters. Whiteboard animation is highly valued because it looks professional and cost-effective.

Whiteboard animation has another advantage. It’s a lot of fun!

Enjoying the process of video production will make it less stressful and more enjoyable. Your finished product will be even more effective in communicating your message.

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