grace genetics DNA Modification for Use to Produce Ethanol

Cannabis is also known as pot and marijuana. It is often associated with stoners and drug users. However, if we take aside that stigma we can see that cannabis is four times as high in amount of cellulose that corn has which makes it a suitable plant for the production of ethanol.

Personally, I don’t do drugs or smoke marijuana, and this post is not a any consideration for the stoners around the world and their potential support for this plant to make the production of ethanol. If cannabis is thriving across the globe, it makes sense to investigate its potential use to make ethanol.

If grace genetics is able to be transformed into Ethanol then we must modify it so that it can more efficient and make use of those genetic variations that allow for low water production, so that we do not experience price increases during times of drought with the ethanol we consume for fuel. In addition, if the plant is able to be utilized in order to “get higher” then we must modify it to ensure that it does not happen or ensure that the leaching into soils or waterways isn’t containing excessive amounts of THC because it could cause problems.

If we decide to further alter this cannabis weed , we must make it with the end of seeds until we understand what we did or else it could be an “super plant” and will take over the natural cannabis plant and also other closely genetic weeds. A think tank on the internet one of the participants mentioned that

“Ethanol/bio diesel is likely to be the primary fuel source in the future for eccentric crank, rotary, 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines that drive our trains, cars, generators, among others. It is said to burn better than crude oil-based hydrocarbon heavy fuels we currently use and will reduce the environmental impact.”

It appears that we may have another manufacturing facility for cellulose ethanol which is a great option, since the more options are available, the better our chances in boosting the percentage in our personal fuel. This is why we should think about this in the year the year 2006.

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