To save time and money on tedious tasks freelance instead of freelancer sites

A micro gig site is better than a traditional freelance website if you are a small business owner or serial website owner. What are the types of jobs you can do? Writing articles, creating logos, designing banners for websites, advertising, or getting backlinks are just a few examples. You can find many other jobs that could be a good fit for you, but this is the most common. A micro gig site is a better choice than a freelancer website, but the best reason to use it is that you will save time.

There’s no need to waste time searching for qualified candidates and posting jobs. You can instead flip the script and find the job yourself on a microgig site. This is the beauty of micro gig sites. All the “normal” jobs and useful jobs are already listed and you have to decide which one you want to purchase to fulfill your needs. This is more like a traditional shop than the tedious process of posting a job and selecting the winner. Why not skip the rest?

Many people would disagree with me when I say that time is more important than money. Although time is indeed money, using microgig sites rather than freelancer sites can save you a lot of money. You’ll save both money and time. These jobs are usually between $1-10, and you will be amazed at the quality of work that you get for $10 or less.

You may need a logo to design your website. In the past, I have spent as much as $100 on a logo for a freelancer website and more recently, $10 to purchase a custom logo for my micro gig site. I can’t say which was better – I’m not a professional graphic design expert, but I was able to see the quality in both. There was no difference. This is $90 saved. Add in the commission to the traditional freelancer website and you get $100 in savings on the same logo.

There are likely other options. In the past, I have tried to find the right websites and go straight to the source. You can try Google “cheap logos” to see what results you get (even though they may be different from what you saw a few years back, it will still make sense). It’s easy to get lost in the world of cheap logos for an hour or so before you find a trustworthy place where you can purchase a low-cost logo. This process can be repeated for any other tasks that are essential to website owners, especially if you have dozens or hundreds of websites. The time is often more efficient than on a freelancer site.

You can save time and money by using microgig sites instead of traditional freelancer websites. However, you will have a better experience as the deal structure is different. Personally, I would rather go to a place and find what I need than wait for someone else to tell me how they can.

This is a revolutionary idea that will revolutionize the way people do random tasks. Although microgig sites have been around for some time, it’s still very early days. It’s hard to not take advantage of these micro gig sites. You can save time and money, but still get the exact same services. These traditional freelancer websites still have merits, but I will not use them for jobs less than $100. Why? Because you can do these jobs for $10 or less at any of the microgig sites. I hope you will join me.

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