What is healthy food for children?

You might believe that healthy food for children can only be obtained by eating a balanced diet for adults. It isn’t true. While it is fine for children to eat healthy adult meals, they need a tailored nutritional profile in order to meet their specific growth and development needs. Healthy food is important for children to not only meet their nutritional needs but to also provide the foundation for good nutrition that will last well into adulthood.

Four Food Groups

Growing up, healthy food was a part of my family’s diet. We were taught by our parents at an early age the importance of good nutrition. Breakfast consisted of cereal and milk, followed by meat, vegetables, and fruits for lunch and dinner. We were often asked to avoid junk food and eat healthier alternatives.

Today, the same holds true. The same principles apply to healthy food for children: grains, milk, meat, fruits and vegetables. Children should not fall into a food rut. Each month, it is important to try new foods. Healthy food should be prepared with a wide variety of flavors. Mixing new food combinations with kids is a great way to get them excited about food. Children can discover the joys of healthy eating by trying different flavors. As they get older, this will be a valuable skill.

Avoid the Fast Food Habit

Because of their busy schedules, some parents have difficulty cooking healthy meals for their children. It is best to make simple, tasty, and nutritious meals. Recipe ideas can be found in magazines, books, or online. Meal planning can help you save time and effort when planning what meals to prepare for the next week. Don’t reward your kids with fast food and don’t make it your default meal because you have a busy schedule. This is not to say that you shouldn’t eat fast food. It is important to remember that fast food can sometimes be an excuse to not cook healthy food for your children.

Invite Kids to the Kitchen

Invite your children to the kitchen to encourage healthy eating habits. Ask your children to help you prepare healthy food the next time you cook. It’s a great way for you to bond with your children while cooking healthy food. Kids are more likely to try new healthy foods if they are involved in its preparation.


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